We have a simple philosophy - together with our customers, we strive to provide cloud infrastructure with zero or minimal need for operations after migration/replatforming.

We follow the rule that what's in the cloud is worry-free. Once the migration or project evaluation is complete, our mission does not end. We always want to move your business to more interesting platforms like AI/ML, IoT and Big Data. In the eyes of your CFO, infrastructure will no longer be just a cost.  

Our customers are mostly smaller and medium-sized businesses. We prefer a personal approach.

Our services

We focus on cloud migrations, application refactoring & replatforming and data architecture.

Cloud Migration

Migration to the clould helps your company reduce IT costs, improve security and provide more convenient management.

App Refactoring

We create simple, cleaner and more expressive application architecture. 
We improve code quality and extensibility.

Professinal Services

We provide focused expertise, experience and specialized knowledge to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Our stack

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